Has it really been two years?
Apparently. Quite some new stuff to tell you about.
Most obviously i released a new album some time ago called 'Watch The Skies And Keep Looking'. Yes, i know it has been out for quite some time now but technical difficulties and the slow ways of certain download shops created some frustration for both me and the label. Some wierd sample rate bug produced slight distortion on some tracks. Highly annoying and embarassing but hopefully all download shops have been fixed by now. Check out the album in the music section. I think two tracks was mislabeled in the release so if you think the proper ID is important you can check out the correct track names in the music section. All tracks are my originals except those with another artist name infront of the song title ;)

Also if you want to hear some of the latest tracks (as well as old ones too) i will guestmix on John Flemings radio show Global Trance Grooves tomorrow (8th september). No slow electro guaranteed. Just pure trance.
Tune in on (Trance channel) 2PM US Eastern / 7PM UK / 20:00 Central Europe.

And to cheer you up i'm puting a nice desktop version of the latest album sleeve for anyone to download.
1920x1200 version
1600x1200 version

Check out my youtube channel
Three full length, high quality tracks. And hopefully there will be more in the future.

Nope i'm not out of the game yet! There is a free track available in the music section, many people have asked for it and since it's so old spherebox and i decided to put
Nio's World (Cloud Tunnel)
on the net for free!

Sometime time goes so fast you forget to update your site.
There are some good news to share actually.
First of all, my Hosanna remix have been released as a part of Planisphere's remix edition of Solarism. Most of you allready know this probably since it's quite old news by now.
Another small release, Sky Mint has become a part of
John 00 Fleming's newest mix compilation - Unfold.
And guess what, I also have a track to be released on
Menno de Jongs Label Intuition. Suprise eh :)
Stay tuned for more tracks, I'm still working hard to make the best possible trance for the next album!